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Paintless dent removal / Hail damage repair

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Paintless dent removal / Hail damage repair

Paintless dent removal, also known as Bodywork under lacquer or PDR, gives a new look to all vehicles that have suffered dents in everyday life or following a series of bad weather conditions: door knock, hail, minor accident. Dented or hail-damaged sheet metal is meticulously rectified with specific tools in order to restore the vehicle to its original value and appearance.

What are the advantages of the PDR?

  • Reduced cost
  • Time saving (30 mins per repaired item)
  • Ecological (no products are used)

Repair rather than replace! That’s the Dent Wizard motto.

Our worldwide Dent Wizard brand is surrounded by some of the best and most highly trained dent removal technicians in the world. With a strong global geographical presence, Dent Wizard is the leader in Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and continues to seek to expand its capabilities in this area. You can rely on Dent Wizard’s thoroughness, experience and reputation for premium service.

We repair:


Bodywork (outside)

Hail damage removal

We intervene on the hail damage removal of your vehicles with a precise process.

Inventory and reactivity

Immediate relocation, first assessment of the damage
Quotation and human, logistical and administrative organisation
Feasibility study
Intervention proposal (within 48 hours)

Tripartite expertise and commitment

Precise assessment of each vehicle
Immediate establishment of a computerised quote
Choice of repair methods
Acceptance by the appointed expert

Repairs and quality

Specialised PDR technicians and hail damage removal experts
Setting up a dedicated area
Mobile lighting system
Specialised services
Control and inspection
Vehicle handover

Our +: our quotes are drawn up with an exclusive Tablet programme for a guarantee of precision, speed and traceability.

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