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Used vehicle reconditioning: making industry our business.

We industrialise the reconditioning of used vehicles by applying the processes and requirements of the factory.

In a dedicated 6000 m2 workshop, we recondition your vehicles from A to Z according to your specifications. We also ensure our lead time commitments.

Expertise, washing, Smart repair, mechanics, bodywork, aesthetic preparation, commercial photos, etc. Our team is committed to restoring your used vehicles to their original condition through preparation and reconditioning.

The reconditioning of used vehicles, repairs, preparation of used vehicles and reconditioning of used vehicles are our areas of expertise!  

Scope of intervention

   Expert Assessment/ Calculation

   |  Assessment/ Quote according to client reference

   Light bodywork

   |  DSP + tolerances and painting OUT CABIN No disassembly, no spare parts

    Smart Repair

   |  Plastic, leather repair

    Wheel rims

   |  Repair of aluminium and PV rims

    Complex bodywork

   |  Tolerances + Cabin paint + disassembly + spare parts

    Quick mechanics

   |  Maintenance according to manufacturer’s specifications

    Detailing preparation

   |  Interior/ Exterior

    Quality control

   |  Control according to customer charter and/or UV label

    Complex mechanics

   |  Complex operations & management of recall campaigns

    Supply of spare parts

   |  Design suppliers or partner purchasing office


   |  KPIs, Invoicing



Time saving
for employees


S/P ratio optimisation


Reduction of
indirect costs


Economy TCO /