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Wheel rim

Dentmaster can also work on your rims. We have developed a unique know-how to make your rims look like new with an impeccable finish.

Varnished polished rims are very delicate to handle and are therefore very often discarded and replaced. Dentmaster has found the solution to save the appearance of your rims and give them a second life.

Our technique consists of filling in the slight damage with a specific aluminium-based sealant, repainting and varnishing them, thus restoring the rims to their original condition, while protecting them at the same time. To this end, we undertake to find the grain and colour closest to the item to be repainted so that the repair can be carried out according to the best industry practice.

DENTMASTER provides a high quality repair for polished rims, where the entire process is done by hand

DENTMASTER’s patented technique allows for a perfect rim repair with real savings. The professionals take care of the removal of the rims directly on the spot, their repair, and their return delivery.

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