A new training center for Dentmaster

A new training center for Dentmaster

Since 1995, Dentmaster has continued to strengthen its expertise and to develop throughout France!

The specificity of the body-painter’s job naturally implies unique skills, with expertise in different activities: body-painting, SMART Repaire, rims, paintless dent removal, aesthetics and mechanics.

In order to ensure an impeccable service, we have created our own academy: the Carmeleon Academy. It allows us to offer a training program specific to Dentmaster techniques and thus train our future technicians in our own way. This integration course lasts 4 weeks and allows us to train the future team on the methods, tools and ways of working at Carmeleon. But it’s not all about practice! Theory is also covered on fundamental topics (colorimetry, straightening techniques).

In order to innovate and to meet the demand of our trainers and technicians, we have made works in our training center located in Bois d’Arcy (78).

The goal was to offer more spacious and pleasant premises, conducive to learning and working in good conditions for our future body painters! As a result, the training center has been enlarged in order to welcome more technicians in training.

With the new works, the part dedicated to the theoretical training is more equipped. The workshop area is equipped with sanitary facilities and changing rooms, and there is also a mezzanine dedicated to Smart Repair. Thanks to the new center, the Carmeleon Academy has modified its integration course with 10 sessions of 4 weeks in 2022.

Each session is composed of a training course alternating theory and practice on the skills of bodywork, painting and rims, a permanent evaluation (initial test, MCQ, weekly knowledge test…), digitalization of the training course… These adjustments allow to reinforce the learning of the future technicians and thus to quickly acquire a unique know-how.

Finally, the integration week in the field follows a structured path with the employees so that the technicians are integrated in a more immersive way. The managers present their region, the technicians in the sector, the customers, the schedule of activities, the price list and the expectations to enable the future technician to integrate quickly!

Joining the Carmeleon Academy means participating in the development of an innovative movement in the world of bodywork.

In 2022, 30 positions of mobile body painters are to be filled in order to cover the French territory with our unique skills in body painting with 6 new technicians for each of the 10 planned sessions.

The Dentmaster adventure awaits you!

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