Carmeleon nominated for the Grands Prix de l’innovation


Preview at EQUIPAUTO: DentMaster presents its franchise concept “Carmeleon: Express Body Shop at Home! ”

Dentmaster, a specialist in rapid repair, has decided this year to focus its development on its Carmeleon brand, and its unique concept of Express Body Shop at Home.

This is a first in France on the car repair market.

The concept is simple: to go directly to the customer’s home to perform all types of quick bodywork operations.

More than two years were necessary to bring this project to fruition within the Dent Wizard Research and Development department. The objective was to make the working environment of a traditional body shop mobile.

Thus, a “workshop vehicle” was developed entirely in-house. It includes:

A paint laboratory, equipped with a work area for preparation, a spray gun cleaner for water-based and solvent-based paints with a liquid waste collector and a spectrophotometer, with software and a colorimetry database, which is constantly updated.

A specially designed transportable Preparation Area, allowing intervention in the same “dust-free” conditions as in the workshop, while offering protection and comfort to technicians.

A unique suction system called “AirCarm”, integrating an air collector with particulate and molecular filters that meets the suction standards of an open cabin.

At the same time, we have added a gun cleaner for water-based and solvent-based paints with a liquid waste collector, the “DryCarm” quick-drying varnish, and all the tools that allow technicians to work in conditions similar to a traditional body shop.

All these tools have been designed in compliance with current standards, and with the constant concern to increase the protection and comfort of the technicians’ work.

Finally, this “multi-service truck” includes all the SMART Repair tools available on the market: fabric and carpet repair, wheel repair, windshield repair (“SuperGlass” system), leather repair and dashboard repair.

Note that DentMaster, leader in Paintless Dent Removal with its Dent Wizard brand, has provided a space in its Carmeleon trucks to store all the tools necessary for dent removal.

This vehicle is already being tested in a few regions of France and will be deployed more widely through franchises offered under the Carméléon brand.

The Carmeleon concept is competing for the Grands Prix de l’Innovation Automobile 2011.


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