Carmeleon vs. traditional body shop, the battle of the leaders

No need to go to your body shop to repair small damages on your vehicle. With Carmeleon, the body shop comes to you.

Your vehicle has barely left the dealership and already its doors are showing little impacts, scratches, dents… In short, little unsightly details that, in your eyes, become real warts on your beautiful car!

Until now, getting this kind of damage repaired meant going to your body shop. This was the beginning of a long series of annoyances. First, you had to deal with the eventual claim from your insurance company. Then, taking time off work or a day off to drop off your vehicle at the body shop, but also to pick it up. And end your imposed trip with a rather expensive and often incomprehensible bill.


The body shop that comes to you and if you don’t have the space to accommodate us, go to a Norauto center

And then Carmeleon was born, Dentmaster’s express home body shop. No more travelling, now the body shop comes to you. Whether you are at home, at the office, or doing your shopping, the nearest Carmeleon technician will come to you and repair small or medium damages (up to 3 elements and 2 hours of sheet metal work), in situ. In order to be more efficient, the website offers you to make your estimate in a few clicks with a guaranteed response within 48 hours!

The most skeptical among you may think that a mobile body shop can never compete with the equipment of a traditional body shop. For big damages like road accidents, we agree. However, for the irritating door hit, yes! Because a Carmeleon workshop-vehicle contains a paint laboratory equipped with a spectrometer allowing to create all the colors existing on the market. It is also equipped with a transportable preparation area allowing both “dust-free” interventions and protection of the intervention site. Finally, it has a unique suction system, the AirCarm, incorporating an air collector with particulate and molecular filters. In other words, it meets the suction standards of an open paint booth. In short, professional equipment that comes to you.

Not to mention that a Carmeleon technician is equipped with all the Smart Repair tools and can restore the shine to your leather, fabric, carpet, rims, windshields, and dashboards…

Still skeptical? Then we have one last detail for you. Carmeleon’s mobile workshops do not incur any infrastructure costs, which is logical. The bottom line is that your bill is reduced by an average of 30%.