At Dentmaster, we have professionals trained in body painting, which makes our concept unique in France! Indeed, our service is express and accessible at home. We come to your place to make body repairs from simple shock to the most important dent.

You have a bodywork problem? You don’t even have to go anywhere because the Carmeleon truck comes to you with all its equipment to solve your problem. This is what allows us to intervene quickly and efficiently to satisfy you at best.

This service is possible thanks to our mobile workshop vehicle. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, our mobile technicians equipped with this workshop truck criss-cross France to repair damage to the bodywork of your vehicles. Moreover, our truck is equipped with many tools to meet all your needs at home. From the paint lab to the unique vacuum system to an inflatable air repair tent, this truck lacks nothing to offer you a quality service.

One of our miracle tools that makes this possible is the spectrophotometer. It is a small box that allows our technician to “flash your body” and determine exactly the color pigmentations to find the one of your vehicles. All this, by simply placing the tool on your body and let the magic happen. All that remains is for our expert body painter to prepare the paint shade according to the composition determined by the tool to repaint your bodywork. Once the technician has completed his work, your vehicle will look like new again, with no defects.

Thanks to our expertise in body painting as well as our technicians in mobility, we intervene in the rules of the art and the speed for an impeccable restoration of your vehicles. Your bodywork will never have looked so new!

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