Strengthened partnership between Norauto and Carmeleon

In September 2017, the Mobivia group took a share of Dentmaster’s capital to bring Carmeleon and Norauto together. A successful marriage.

2017, it is the revolution: the Mobivia Group (Norauto, Midas, Carter-Cash) enters the capital of Dent Wizard-Dentmaster. The challenge: to make Carmeleon micro-bodywork services coexist with the Norauto offer. From now on, Norauto customers wishing to benefit from a light bodywork service, outside a traditional workshop, can send their request for a quote directly to their Norauto center. Carmeleon’s teams respond within 48 hours and work by appointment at Norauto, at the customer’s premises… or anywhere else, as long as it is possible to accommodate the truck preparation area. In short, this partnership ushered in a new era for Carmeleon, giving it greater visibility on a national scale.


A dynamic partnership

“To enable us to meet the specifications of major accounts, particularly in terms of geographical coverage, it became essential to find a new partner who could support us in our development. In addition to the acquisition of new Carmeleon trucks, this merger opens the door to numerous commercial partnerships with Norauto centers, and even with other Mobivia Group brands. The possibilities are numerous, and the project is very exciting,” explained Alexandre Sabet d’Acre, director of Dent Wizard-Dentmaster. For its part, Norauto added a new activity to its catalog of 140 services already available.

Since then, this marriage of reason between mechanics and bodywork has continued to evolve joint development, with WeProov, of an application to simplify bodywork estimates; installation of “special hailstone” ephemeral structures in certain Norauto centers; mechanical training provided by Norauto to new recruits at the used-vehicle reconditioning platform – entirely managed by Dentmaster/Carmeleon… Clearly, the building of bridges between Norauto and Carmeleon is only just beginning!