Used vehicle manager in a dealership: Carmeleon to the rescue!

Not always a priority in a dealership workshop, used vehicle reconditioning can sometimes be a difficult job to manage, especially when there is a lot of activity. Carmeleon is there to ensure the performance of your used vehicle fleet and to generate margins.

To put it simply, when you use Carmeleon’s services as a used vehicle manager in a dealership, you are using a subcontractor and therefore benefiting from the advantages inherent in subcontracting.

The first major advantage is that you can vary the costs according to your needs. In concrete terms, if your used car business explodes one day, it may be much quieter the next month. However, in the event of an overload of activity, the qualified personnel is not always sufficient to carry out the reconditioning interventions as quickly as possible. The moral of the story is that your stock rotation is slower, and your cash flow is tied up for longer, your capital costs increase…

Not to mention that the purpose of the workshop is to invoice real customers. The used car reconditioning does not generate any income until the vehicle is resold. In fact, used cars are not always a priority, especially if the workshop’s appointment book is already full. However, opting for Carmeleon’s services means being able to adjust your reconditioning costs according to your volume of activity and being able to consider reconditioning without delay. A real benefit that allows you to control your time, your budget and, by extension, your margins.


Reconditioning used vehicles without slowing down the workshop’s activity

Another significant advantage of Carmeleon is the expertise of its technicians. While body repairers and mechanics in dealerships know their job inside out, they don’t always have the required skills or the right equipment for more technical work such as wheel, plastic or leather repairs. Carmeleon technicians do! And they can do it all on their own because the equipment our technicians have at their disposal works without any need for your infrastructure. You can therefore continue to process the current flow of vehicles in your workshop, without slowing it down, while at the same time ensuring the optimal reconditioning of your used vehicles. Simple and efficient!