Why use paintless dent removal?

Why use paintless dent removal for the body of your cars?

When your car’s body is affected by a poc or a broken door, the reflex is to turn to a traditional body shop to evaluate the time and cost of repair.

The bottom line? Repairing the sheet metal by removing the door, straightening it, polishing, sanding the plastic, roughening, sanding the aftermarket, preparing the surface, painting, varnishing, and reassembling. This represents no less than 10 steps to intervene on a ‘minimal’ defect. The cost is therefore also higher.

This is where paintless dent removal comes in at a very competitive cost.
The dent remover straightens the sheet perfectly with his technique and tools in only 2 steps:
-The push with tools to exert pressure on the back of the damaged sheet.
-The pulling to draw the force outwards

It is an efficient technique recognized with many advantages: the time of intervention, the lesser immobilization of the car, an advantageous cost.

At Dentmaster, our technicians are trained with innovative and efficient techniques allowing a quality result. So, for a damaged bodywork, trust the Dentmaster experts!