2022, a hail year !

2022, a hail year !

Generally, the hail season falls between May and October as this is the period when temperatures vary greatly.

This is an annual highlight for the Dent Wizard teams to actively respond in the field.

The risk of hail damage is high during this season and varies from year to year. 2022 is a particularly strong year for hail storms throughout France!

Since May, more than 35,000 missions have been sent by insurers to Dent Wizard for the assessment and repair of hailed vehicles.

In response to this high demand, Dent Wizard and its team are mobilising to organise requests as well as possible and to meet everyone’s needs. We intervene via platforms specially created in the most affected cities, in partnership with insurers to repair as many hail-damaged vehicles as possible.

To better understand, in a few figures, Dent Wizard in July 2022 is :

  • 50 platforms and spots for all insurance companies
  • 11 building
  • 16,000 calls made
  • more than 7,500 appraisal appointments
  • more than 2,700 repair appointments
  • nearly 500 courtesy vehicles

For professionals and beyond the insurance partnerships, Dent Wizard has set up a team specialised in large-volume hail repairs directly at your premises in order to be as fast and efficient as possible. The vehicle fleet is quickly taken care of to restore all vehicle bodies to their original condition.

Dent Wizard, part of the Dentmaster Group, is the world leader in paintless dent removal, ideal for impact-free bodywork. With expert advice, your vehicle will look as good as new, as if it had never been hit by hail.

To find out more, visit our website: https://dentwizard.fr/le-degrelage/

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